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Are you seeking a coach who will always see you as entirely worthy and capable of creating your most exquisite life?
If you feel a connection to the info throughout this site, I would be honoured to walk with you, see you for the powerful creator you are, and help you create a life flowing with Wild Grace.  

As your coach, I offer you...
Counselling & Holistic Life Coaching- You are a beautifully complex being. You are body, mind, and spirit. For this reason, I work with all aspects of your being. I know that suffering comes from being out of alignment with your True Self and this alignment is something we move in and out of on regular basis; we are human. I bring my training as a Registered Clinical Counsellor, a Somatic Practioner, a coach, a Yoga teacher, a Gateless Writing Coach, and a spiritual human being to help you remember the sweet spot of alignment and how to find it again and again.
Somatic Experiencing- a highly effective body-oriented approach to counselling. SE will assist you in releasing trauma from the body, symptoms of PTSD, as well as stress and anxiety. This gentle approach to trauma healing will help you come into a healthy loving relationship with your body, your life, your history, and your future. 
Click here to learn more about Somatic Experiencing 
I offer my coaching services for adults (20 plus):
• in person at Ignite Chiropractic in Castlegar, B.C.
• online through Skype, Phone and FaceTime. 
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