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Do you wonder what it would feel like to be in love with words and the process of writing?

Story, poetry, lyrics all resting in anticipation of the flow. All too often self-doubt confirmed by external criticism is ingested like tainted ice forcing these pulsing words nestled in our cells to go dormant under the winter of our insecurity and ambivalence. Working with a Gateless Writing Coach will help ignite or rekindle your love of writing and creativity.


What is the Gateless Writing method?

Gateless Writing and Coaching, founded by Suzanne Kingsbury, is based on well-researched brain science which shows that, just like trauma, criticism triggers the innate fight/flight/freeze responses hardwired into our brain structures.
In the Gateless atmosphere:
   • we look at the critical voice which speaks from these reptilian, safety-at-all-costs brain structures.
   • we explore how this inhibits your writing, your creativity, your life in general.
   • we point to and uplift what is good, powerful, and strong in your writing.
   • we release inhibitions and allow true self-expression and creative genius to arrive.
To learn more about the science involved in Gateless method visit


How will Gateless Coaching help navigate the vulnerability, fear, and overwhelm of writing?

You will be given craft tools, support, a safe container to explore the critical voice, and maps to help you soul-spelunk your way back into alignment with your highest Self, your creative genius.


What does it look like to work with a Gateless Writing Coach?

Each of my coaching clients is unique. We work in person in small salons or one on one. We work at a distance, connected via Skype or FaceTime. Through email, we share documents and words of encouragement and support. The sky is the limit and you get to decide what feels most supportive for you and your work. Whether you are just feeling the nudge of a seedling idea or you have a completed piece, we can walk through your words together and find ways to lift it to the level of genius that is inherent in your DNA. I chose this same path with a Gateless writing coach and it held the invulnerable space for my debut novel to be fully formed! Watch for Sisters of Belfast coming in February 2024!! 





This could be the start of letting your oak tree out of the acorn. 

Pricing for services varies, so let's chat!

Shoot me a message using the "How can I Help?" box.

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