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A bit about me...
I am a woman of dynamic interests and passions. Among them; writing and the love of helping others remember the deep satisfaction of being their authentic Self. Most at home in the trees, I spend a great deal of time playing in the great outdoors with my dog Jim. I have a strong connection to the energetic world of nature, as well as metaphysical learning. These are the foundation for every aspect of my life. 
My journey with the human body began with learning Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, and Reiki when I was 18 years old. A few years later I added Yoga, mindfulness & meditation first as a personal practice and then as a teacher. I studied to become a Clinical Exercise Specialist, and then obtained my Masters in Counselling and Psychology and became a fully certified Somatic Experiencing Practioner. I have spent fifteen spectacular years in private practice working with hundreds of amazing clients. That experience and the lifelong connections have made me the professional and the woman I am today. 
A fascination and healing with words and writing also formed at an early age. And now, as a Gateless Writing Coach, I share this  joy with others. Coaching writers into a powerful relationship with words is a privilege that I revere. I have had the divine experience of writing two novels wrapped in Gateless support. One of those novels; Sisters of Belfast, will make her debut in February 2024!
Travel is a precious jewel in my life. Every journey is a classroom, a reminder. I believe extensive travel deepens my abilities as a Counsellor and Coach. Language barriers, being outside the comforting routine, novelty for all the senses, and cultural challenges all force us to look for the common thread...the humanity and presence of Love in one another. 
I believe the dynamic nature of my spirit is there to strengthen my ability to form connections with others on many levels. I hope to connect with you as well. 


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